Friday, October 2, 2009

Living the Dream

Sorry for the time away, life has been what some would call CRAZY! lately! But that is no excuse.

Living the Dream or living the life that we want to live some times comes with Road Blocks. The life that we see as the end all be all sometimes ends up being the life that never comes true, that stays the Oedipus that we never quite achieve. But then there is the life that we deal with every day, the life that we can either accept or deny, it is our choice.

Life's dream and nightmares come and go, but it is what you do with them that makes the difference. I am not one to go with the old saying of lemons and lemonade, I would much rather take the lemons and stuff them some where the sun does not shine when they are hurled at me. I know that I am only handed what I can handle but at the same time could that certain someone PLEASE pick someone else to hand that crap too? I mean really there really is only so much one person or family can handle.

I know that there are much worse situations out there and that I should be grateful for all that I have, but would it such a bad thing to just have one year of what we want? What we deserve? What we need?

The kids are healthy and we have good jobs, we have a nice house and two cars that run that are paid off, and for the most part we are ok with everything else! But it would be nice to have a little nicer house, brand new cars and get paid more from work, but whatever!

The only way to change that is by doing what we can, live the dream every day, take care of ourselves and have fun, so that is what we are going to do. Fortify the base and have fun doing it! So watch out here we come!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spreading their little wings

This past week has been fun and a challenge. You see I am sending my little girl to school this coming Tuesday. Last year the older one went and I was OK with that, letting them spreed their wings and fly, right? Well I am having a harder time with this one! Not sure if it is because time has flown over the past 5 years, if it has to do with the fact that I will be 35 in October or if it just means that a new stage has started for our family.
I don't remember what it was like to not have those two smiling faces in the house, nor do I remember what I did with all my time. What I do know is that now that both of them are going to be in school all day EVERY day, there will be a large change in the house. Even though I work outside of the house, I know that coming home from work to get them off the bus will be a treat, to hear what they learned in school will be exciting (even though there will be a lot of "nothing" or "I don't know" as answers).
The hubby & I will have more "us" time when those occasional days off together arrive, which will be nice. We will be able to get more done around house, yeah right! But it will be fun.
I know that Tuesday will be a long day at work once we get them on the bus, but it will be good.
Time for big sister to be there when mom and dad are not! Nicki will be great, she already is, she "shares" her friends.
Em has a few advantages that some of the others don't, she has the same teacher that Nicki had last year (a blessing since we know the teacher too) she knows 4 girls in Nicki's class so she will be OK on the play ground and lastly is that she is very independent. She will be fine, so why am I so concerned? Not sure, oh yeah she is my baby!
Here is to a great year for all my Mommy friends out there!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

As I think about what to write about this week, I look upon the three most important people in my lives. They all look to me to make sure that the house is taken care of, that the daily routine is not too much out of whack, that the clothes that they are wearing are clean (partially at least) that the bills are paid (mostly on time) and that food that they eat is warm when it needs to be or cold when it supposed to be. But then I look at them and try to figure out what I am supposed to really be.

Sitting in the room listening to "tunes" I did when I was "young" makes the think what I have NOT become. I have not become the English teacher that I started go to school to be, I am not the Paralegal that I also started to go to school for. I am not the girl who traveled the world then settled in some far off city. I am not the girl who went away to school and found love far from home. I am not the girl who became a famous singer, the girl who was a back up singer for Madonna, I am not the girl who is a size 2 or 6 feet tall.

Instead I have become the girl who fell in love with a great guy, close to home, traveled here and there, works for a great company working with numbers not letters (still basics right?) Bought a house close to "home" Became a mommy of 2 great girls and I can sing great at church with the best of them. Still working on the size 2 might be more like a 10 when I am done with it, but oh well. And can come really close to 6 feet with 4 inch heals!

When the day is done there is no one I would rather be, NOT ME.... I mean I love me!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly Winners August 8th to 15th

Rockin New Shoes

Mary Kay Champions Night!

Comfort Food!

Before and After~ Dream Dresses
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life on the Run

So as I sit at my desk catching up on other's lives over the past few days, I realize how much I have going on. Not to mention how much I have missed these past weeks.

I know that life is important and that there is tons going on, but I think it is about time to "stop and smell the roses."

Today I was talking (emailing) my good friend Mommy Always Wins( about how life is going for her. They have had a roller coaster life including cork screw after cork screw, loopdie loop and dip after dip for the past 2+ years, hard to imagine that they can even walk straight let alone know when and who goes where. Anyway I digress! We were talking about how life goes by way to fast, that she has yet to figure out what school her 4 year old is going to go to in the fall and the fact that my kids have nothing ready for 1st grade and kindergarten. (Sniff, Sniff, my baby is going to start school).

So after "talking" I went to my boss (who really is a great friend) and told her that I was taking a week off, before the kids went to school. Cross eyed and frustrated she signed my PTO request... Why did I feel guilty? Why should I not take time off to be with my kids? Why should I not be able to take time for me?

There are certain things in life I truly believe are more important than the daily grind. My Sanity, My Family and My Choice.

I have come to the conclusion that work is work and at some time is either makes us or breaks us. I really would prefer to make it Make Me rather than Break me!

Life is too short to just realize that my little girls are almost as tall as me, I know I am short thus the 4 inch heals, but really this morning I sat on my bed looking at my babies and realized they were not babies anymore. Daily I watch them grow taller and bigger, they have become their own persons, with their own personalities, own likes and dislikes and each is becoming a great person, did I have a part in that?

Was I there enough to make sure that part of me is in them?

What did I miss?

What will I miss?

What can I not afford to miss?

Honestly I really don't want to stand by and wait to see, so stay tuned to the future of 2 Sweet Girls Mom...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me Monday July 20th

Not me today... Not me tomorrow... Not me the next day either.
I will admit that I did not wish that the whole house wake up this morning on its own, get dressed, let the puppy out (which I can proudly announce with knocking on wood that is litter trained) and make their own breakfast. I will also not admit that I wish the sitter was old enough to drive so I or the hubs did not have to pick her up. I will also admit that I did not heave a heavy sigh when hubs asked if there was anything in the house for a sore throat last night while I was settling into a good rant (not so much here or here more here~ what does that mean?) (Honey? What? No? I hate honey)
I also will not admit that the kids have been driving me crazy as of late, that their constant bickering is not driving me up the wall. School is just around the corner right!? Naps that is the ticket more naps!
I will also not admit truthfully that I secretly love all the Polka Days hub bub that goes on at this time of year. Polka Days is a whole other post and will be done sometime next week~ that is if my hands and mind still work! Put mildly it is 4 days of fun, food and special treats at the bro's bakery!
I will also not admit that I was relieved that there were only a few people show up to my jewelry party on Saturday since I was not into it and did not do my normal food and drink fair. I will admit that I am the queen of shows and usually do a great job on it, not this one!
I will also not admit that I know that the Mary Kay job will be great, that it will be the ticket to freedom, not admitting that I do truly love what I do in my real job but sometimes the vision of a pink Caddy it to much.
That is about all for Not Me today, maybe not me tomorrow and definitely not me the next day either but maybe Thursday! Good Luck!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly Winners July 13 to July 19th

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My Big bro at his 25th Anniversary

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Ties

As time goes by so families grow. Yesterday my "clan" celebrated one of my brother's 25th wedding anniversaries. Yes I have a brother who is that old! Ha, ha... but really it is the 4th sibling to reach that milestone.
As we glanced through their wedding album, explaining to one of the newest additions who people were it had occurred to me what a legacy my parents started over 50 years ago, with the birth of my eldest brother. I can only hope that this legacy continues to grow, I know that looking down from heaven my dad is quite proud of the broad that is our family. All 50 of us and counting combine to make one hell of a party. But I think the most special aspect of my family is that even though we may not agree with one another or "like" each other from time to time, when the chips are down you know you have someone to call or count on, someone who will have your back. And to me that is the most important of all! So from our "little" family who was only 11 people when my sister and her hubby celebrated their Silver anniversary to the 50 and counting today Thank you God for allowing me to be part of such a crazy, mixed up and loving family!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thank God for Daddys

Someone once said anyone can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a Daddy! I am totally agree. I have always been a Daddy's Girl, held a special place in my Daddy's heart, not to mention his lap.

Daddies have to be strong with his words, kind with his thoughts and tender yet firm with his touches.

Daddies have to be there for the good times and the bad, the bath times and the nap times, the jumping times and the cuddling times. Daddies are there for your life, there to make sure that the "monsters" are not in the closet and the boys keep a proper distance.

There are plenty songs about Daddy's letting go of their little girls hands but never their hearts. Daddies sacrifice daily to provide for their little ones, their big ones and their mommas.

Daddies watch their families with pride and honor, as they grow. The first time that they found out they are going to be a Daddy, it is like there is no other father, wait Daddy out there.
No matter how many times they are to be come Daddy.

Another great quote about Daddies is that "they hold pictures where money used to be".

To all the great Daddies out there, know that we, your little girls and guys will forever look up to you no matter where we may roam or if you leave us. We know that you are always looking over us and making sure that we know you are there!

Thanks Daddy and Honey! We love you! Your Girls

Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bug is 5

5:30am Friday June 4th, 2004. Hard to believe it was 5 years ago, today my baby is 5.

The day after my scheduled OB appointment started with a BANG. Not so much a bang more like a large cramp, it was odd. Even though it was my second pregnancy, the cramps I was accustomed to. You see the older one was delivered with the help of a drug, so the cramps caught me off guard. I woke hubbers up to see if he remembered from last year (girls are 11 months apart so we did not take Lamaze again) a very tired hubby (gaming late the night before) turned over and said "no honey I don't want steak for dinner" Not an unusual comment from him since I can carry on a full conversation with him when he is sleeping, usually getting him to agree with whatever I want. So getting up(more like rolling out of the bed literally) I waddled to the phone book to get the number for the doctors. Calling before 7 meant talking with a very cranky triage nurse who could not understand why I did not know if I was in labor or not! WHATEVER lady get off your butt and tell me what to do. I am tired (did not sleep) I am cramping and to tell you the truth scared crap less! So tell me am I in labor or not! "I will check with your doctor and someone will call you back."

Check with my doctor, what the hell, tell me what to do! So 30 minutes later, and really starting to freak out, they call back. "Start timing your "cramps" and see how far apart they are." Ok, boy you can tell when someone really loves their job!

6:15am, phone call to big sis. "Hey guess what, I think I am in labor! Yep can you come get Nicki? Yep I will call Mom." What that already happened, she was dressed and waiting for big Sis to pick her up! You know it, she was ready for the past 4 days.

"Honey, you need to get up and help me get Nicki up and going. Elaine and Mom are on their way, will probably make it in record time!"

"What? What happened, when did this happen, did your water break? What is going on?

"Sweetie, just get up out of bed."

So in Mom and Sis showed up in 20 minutes (usually takes 1o minutes to get from Sis's to Mom's and 15 more minutes to get from Mom's to our house). Gushing over me and telling hubs what to do. Kisses to the little one (not yet 1) off they were....

"Cramps" continued, check into the hospital, and no water broken.






1:30pm EMILY ANN is born...

Now we all know that there is more to this story, but I will spear all the other details.

That was 5 years ago today! My baby is 5, it seems just like yesterday.

Hard to believe that even though it is not written down (except here) that I am almost for certain that I will not forget it!

Happy Birthday little Bug!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Winners May 24 to 30

Happy Holiday Week! Hope yours was good!
Here is a few of mine, some pictures not taken were of the toilet toss (repair work at my Mom's) the swing set flip (accident at my mom's with the kids since there was no anchors on the set) and the driveway spill (hubby working on the resurfacing of the driveway) But here is what I did get!
No it was not a RedNeck week!
Am I the only mom out there that actually has a "pinks" load?

Em makin' it happen on the "Huly Hoppin'"

Our Monkeys! Yes they are!

"Girls Night" thank God for good friends who don't care that they come with!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy Dazy

So today I am at work, not something I usually do on a Sunday. But duty and vacations call.
Not to complain, since by working today I got Wednesday off and was able to spend time with Mr.Wonderful and one of the two sweets. But let me tell you, I know now why I don't work weekends. They are boring!
Not one to complain because once I do I will be swamped with questions, and complaints and all the such that goes with the job.
I tried to get my work done, tried to get other work done, tried to make small talk with the staff, but MAN I AM BORED! Lazy Dazy no kidding.
I would even take a complaint right now, something to do, other than write a post that I probably should not be doing. But oh well, you leave me in charge for the day and this is what you get right?

So what should I be doing? Well since everything is done, I thought I would make some phone calls, look up some emails and then write what was going on. NOTHING.... Oh well I guess that since everyone else is out there enjoying the holiday weekend I would enjoy some down time. So here is my down time and here is my post.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Questions that make you go Hummmmmm

So why is that my cute and adorable little 5 year old (almost 6) has gotten to be a sassy mouth? Why is that once she is home from school she has such a mouth on her that it makes me wonder who this kid is what they did with my cute, understanding, hug able, lovable little girl!

Well I thought I would go in search of some of the answers, and since my family just laughed when I asked them, I went to the next best place! Yep you got it the Internet. To be more direct I went to Mamapedia through another great resource Resourceful Mommy And what to my wondering eyes should appear is that there were 21 other mommas and daddies wondering the same thing! That it is not unusual for that cute and wonderful child to become Satin's Seed in just a few short seconds.

Huggy and cuddling one second and then you have to look twice to make sure that the wrong kid did not come in from outside or off the bus. Really I thought I was the only one out there with a kid who was Jyckal & Ms. Hyde. Really helped me and Mr. Wonderful know that there is light at the end of the rainbow, only that it will be a long year since most of the great advice out there said that it was a full year from 6 to 7 that their children where a cross between Chuckie and Snow White. Here is to hoping the little one is not like this and to a LONG year!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time flys



Today was not like any other day, it was a day that I realized that my girls were growing up. As a mom you have little epiphanies now and again but they usually are not full blown to the point that it makes you stop in your tracks. But that was today, it was the realization that in less than 6 months both of my girls were going to be in school. That in less than 6 months when Mr. Wonderful and I had off during the week together there would not be a child to tend to, no one saying "Mommy" "Daddy" I want this or I need that or better yet no crying for us to decipher. Just us! Six years after the birth of our first child we will just be "us". I think that the next time I will encounter these feelings will be when they move out for "good". (By the way, does anyone really move out of their parents house?)

Today was a day that I saw the future, I saw two girls running from the bus trying to beat each other to the door, I saw two middle school girls fighting over the computer(when I was in school it was the phone), I saw two teenagers fighting over the same boys and friends and finally I saw two women, best of friends standing next to each other as they started their own lives, each their own ways but knowing that always they would be there for each other.

Time flys, and now I know that there will more of these moments as they grow but some how they might get easier!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday break....

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So I did not think about taking a not me break today, then I did not feel guilty about not writing a post this last weekend, but I was not totally busy making my house look the best it has in 10 years (we have only owned it for 9)for MR. Wonderful's 5X5 party.

I also did not feel guilty that I was cursing Mr. Wonderful all day Saturday about why he had to have this party at our house. I was not delighted when he told me to go tanning and get out of his way so he and the girls would not clean the basement from stairs to movie room and back.

I also was not delighted to hear that the boss of Mr. Wonderful would be brining all the food and drinks for the party. Leaving me with the only job left, not cleaning of the house.

Since this was not to be a break from Not Me Monday, I have to say that I am not delighted that the house does not look like a picture out of a magazine nor does it smell wonderful. The outside does not hold one of the most beautiful hydranga plants in the front and a hibicus in the back, with potted plants complimenting the hydranga and lovely perrinials in the back. The yard was not cut and the kids did not have a blast.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

So the week is done, well not really but the work week is done and THANK the LORD above that it is! Boy what a week! Pre-Budget meetings to Welcome to Kindergarten I have been running, running, running! But enough of that!

Fragments of the week:

The week was great and hard all in one, but would not change it for the world!

Share some fragment love of your own, please visit Mrs4444 for more fragments and rules!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thought Provoking Thursday

If you had to choose the best tv show made in your lifetime, which would you pick?

I would have to say Chuck. It is totally funny and in some ways true to my and hubby's life with the way Buy More works! True to the old Circuit City days of ole! What would yours be?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday Mommy Edition

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Ok so this weekend was not too busy and it was not too emotional exhausting and it was not too insane that I was ready to go to work this morning.
This weekend was not full of rain in which I tried to make sure that the two girls were not driving me crazy because they could not go out side to play. Nor were they bugging Daddy to make sure that he gave me my Mother's Day gifts. Which I was not extremely excited about what I got.
Speaking of what I did not get, 200 minutes of pure unadulterated pleasure! I did not get 200 minutes of tanning. YES! 200 minutes of NO ONE knocking on the door asking me if they can have something, 200 minutes of no fighting, 200 minutes of me being completely alone, just me and the not so good for me tanning booth!
I also did not cry on the note with the perfect little pre-school and kindergarten hand prints. I also did not get the prettiest flower.
I have to admit that I did not have a wonderful weekend, I did not have the best mother's day outside of #1 and #2! Number 5 was wonderful! It was not a bummer that Mr. Wonderful had to work and therefore did not make the rest of the day insane crazy with running to make sure that we did not make it to the other mom's that made us who we are!

Thanks all and hope you had a not so great Mom's Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not ME Mondays

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Ok so I did not spend most of my weekend wishing I had enough money to hire someone to Spring Clean it, and I definatly did not spend the other half of the weekend wishing I could make time stand still so I could do all the house work and still have enough time to spend with the girls.

I definatly did not make the hubby take the mower deck off and replace the blades so that I would not have to rake or sweep the lawn this summer. I also did not almost go crazy when we went to 5 different stores for an adaptor for a fish tank cleaner.

I also did not let the kids sleep for 4 hours on Saturday and then wait until almost 7pm to wake them up so we could go to the store to purchase said fish tank cleaner.

I also did not thank my lucky stars that my girls did not go through the "why" stage. And also did not thank those same lucky stars that my niece had to go through tons of ear plugs with her daughters consistent barrage of "whys".

In short there are many things I did not do this week and weekend but one thing I DID do, was to thank all the stars in heaven that I have the best family in the whole wide world!
Oh yeah, I also DID have a large bowl of Rocky Road ice cream for dinner! Yeah I DID that!

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Me

So I have started this post several times in the past few months, but today I have come to a realization that there must be a new me. A new me that needs to take care of me first.

You see when I became a wife I focused my life on making sure that the hubby was happy and content, that all his needs are taken care of, that the house is clean, that the time I spent with him was centered around things that he liked to do. Then came the kids, I would not trade them for the world but then they became my world. 2am feedings, dirty diapers, laundry to be done, sitters to find, all while working 40+ hours a week. As they grow there are more and more "jobs" to do. Keep the house clean, keep up on the laundry, make sure lunches are made, homework is done and library books are returned. All while making everyone happy....

Well I think it is time for me, time for me to be able to say that waking up at 4:30 am is "me" time, time for me to take a walk, do the sit ups or just sit on the lappy? But instead I am working on laundry, dishes and other "quiet" things... Is it ok for me to do that or is it selfish? Is it ok to be yourself when you are a wife and mom? Why do I feel guilty for not being able to take the time? So that is why it took me some time to finalize this post, because I have finally realized that it is OK for me to be selfish, to take the time for me. That it is OK that I go to "girls night" when the hubby is home with the girls, that it is OK for me to not feel guilty that I DO take time for me.

Along this journey as a person I have realized that I am a strong person, who can accomplish what goals I set up for myself. I know that the hubby and girls believe in me, that they are my biggest fans, that the signs that the hubby has put around the house 6 months ago will be my saving grace, that I CAN be at goal! In my shower there are 5 goals that were written on the walls with the girls bath crayons, these goals were written almost 3 years ago. These goals one by one have been achieved, one of which was last week. The only one up there now that has not been reached is reaching "goal". Achieving the goal weight that I know deep down that I can meet, but have for some reason or another have sabotaged myself, but NOT any more!

I will reach that final goal, I will reach that it, go shopping with the hubby and enjoy every minute of it! I can do it! I will do it and when I am done I will be there will be a NEW ME!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Counting my blessings

I know that there are times in the past year that many of us have stepped back and counted our blessings. Simply having the good fortune of "having" to go to work everyday is great, but then are those of us that have been dealt the crappy hands, those that are usually in the best of modes yet it would be easily understood if they just told you to cram it. I have to admit that I have had to stop as of late and say "hey silly open your eyes!"

You have a great hubby, 2 wonderful girls thus "2 Sweet Girls Mom" and friends who I know if I needed would drop everything and be there. But let me tell you it is harder to wake up in the am and make a go of it. There are the piddly things that just get under my craw! But oh well what are you going to do?! Right?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Do the Naked Lady"

There are certain songs that are out there that one really does not know the words to, but being humans we insist on singing along with them. Aeorsmith's Dude Looks like a Lady is one that the hubby always got wrong! Instead it was Do the Naked Lady!

So what is that you find yourself singing to or should I say humming to when you realize that you are singing the wrong songs?
Be truthful!

I had a room mate in college that used to sing "Jason Waterfalls" for "Don't go chasin waterfalls"

I know that most of the songs that I sing are not the right words, but who cares, sing them loud and make fun of the person who actually cares as much to tell the right words!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life is too precious! Thank you Maddie for Reminding Us!

Life is too precious and goes too fast for to not cherish every second we have with loved ones. Whether that be your parents or your kids or your friends, time fl yes by too fast. I have spent a lot of time in the past couple of days reading what others have endured in their lives. I have to say that I am very grateful for those who have touched me and my family, whether good or bad they have some how made an impact on who I am and what I do, how I teach the girls and what we build our values on.

I know that the pain that some of you in "blogland" have experienced in the past week can only be lightened by the truth and knowledge that Maddie is in heaven with some really great company, she is not only with her family and friends but I know of 2 really great men that I have prayed to since I read the first post asking for prayers (my daddy and hubby's grandpa). Rest assured that these 2 wonderful guys will be watching over her and purple wings! They will see to her like their own granddaughter and great granddaughter. They also have some playmates with them, our little angels.
My father did not meet the girls, something I knew would never happen. You see, Dad was 50 when Mom and he had me, so simple math would put him in his 70's before we got married and IF we had kids right away he may have seen them. But being the selfish person I am we waited, it would not have made a difference even if we had them right away since, he died almost 6 months to the day that we got married. But I know that he is very much a part of what and who they are today. Nicki is his granddaughter through and through, she even has a certain look when she is kidding that Dad had. Not to mention that hubby and I both have dark brown eyes and she has the brightest blue (thanks Dad).
I guess I want you all to know that no matter what may happen in our lives, no matter how bad things we think may be, no matter how dark the night is there is always a dawn and with that dawn comes a new day! So go hug your kids, call your parents, IM your best friend and snuggle with your significant other tonight, for you never know when you may have to say good bye!
God's Newest Angel.
Fam in Purple