Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy Dazy

So today I am at work, not something I usually do on a Sunday. But duty and vacations call.
Not to complain, since by working today I got Wednesday off and was able to spend time with Mr.Wonderful and one of the two sweets. But let me tell you, I know now why I don't work weekends. They are boring!
Not one to complain because once I do I will be swamped with questions, and complaints and all the such that goes with the job.
I tried to get my work done, tried to get other work done, tried to make small talk with the staff, but MAN I AM BORED! Lazy Dazy no kidding.
I would even take a complaint right now, something to do, other than write a post that I probably should not be doing. But oh well, you leave me in charge for the day and this is what you get right?

So what should I be doing? Well since everything is done, I thought I would make some phone calls, look up some emails and then write what was going on. NOTHING.... Oh well I guess that since everyone else is out there enjoying the holiday weekend I would enjoy some down time. So here is my down time and here is my post.

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  1. blogging is ALWAYS what i do in my down time...only about 7 posts for MAY totally unheard of, but there was very little downtime this month...bring on summer!!


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