Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My life on a Merry Go Round

My life on a Merry Go Round says more than I can imagine!
Not only does it seem to rain (I should say SNOW) it pours (rather becomes a Blizzard). But oh well, what can I do.
This year has started to be really good. We (more hubs planning and me just smiling) have set up a great savings plan to pay off our mortgage by the time I turn 40 (5 years from now), we paid off our second mortgage, bought a hot tub to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (in June) and now we just decided to remodel our kitchen (a whole nother post in and of itself).
But at the end of the day I still feel the dizzy sensation that you felt when you were a kid and you stepped off the damn ride.
I have no clue if I am coming or going, whether what we have "decided" on was really what I wanted to do, or just went with it because he is the banker (literally) and it makes sense in his numbers filled mind. He is so obsessed in getting the damn thing paid off that every time he starts to talk about it, I seriously turn off or my brain says "here we go again".
The song lyrics "you spin me right round" continually play in my head as of late, every turn there is something new or old coming up to snag a part of me! No wonder I forgot the kids parent teacher conferences until 5 minutes before the wee little one's! Oh well what to do other than sit on the ride and enjoy it!