Sunday, November 28, 2010

Starting A New

Today is the last day of my "old" life! Work life that is! Tomorrow I start a new job, a new career, a new adventure.
I decided two months ago that I was going to take up the offer on the table from my husbands employer to try something new.
A very hard and daunting decision it was, you see I was in my other job for 14 1/2 years! A long time! I grew up there! It was a much a part of me as I was a part of it! I got engaged there, bought my first and only brand new car there, got married there, had two great kids there, made my bestest friend in the whole wide world there (beside my hubs) and I was going to put it all on the line to make me something new! Why? Not sure, could be that something pissed me off, and on a knee jerk decision, I took the hubs boss up on an offer? Could be that something in me knew that it was time to move on, but why? I had the corner office, free roam of what and when I wanted to do it, worked on what I wanted, but something was missing! What? I am not sure.
Will I miss those things, I sure the hell hope so! Will I wonder what I got myself into? You betcha! But will in the long run I be a better more well rounded person? I better!
As I walked out of the hotel for the last time, as an employee, I thought of the first time I walked into the place. The smells that I took for granted, more like got used to. The look of the place, the sounds that I became accustom to, the flow of the place. I knew that there was going to be a lot I would miss, and truthfully not miss. But I knew deep down that it was the right move.
Tomorrow morning as I get ready for the first day "of the rest of my life" I am sure I will wonder what the heck I did, if it was right, if I should call them and say just kidding, I will be in my office in the morning like I am every Monday working on the same forecast?
I feel kinda like it all is dream, that what I did was not really what I did and that I will wake up and it will be just me and all that I know.
I never was one for trying something new, or making my own path. I guess it is time to let my wings get clipped and let myself soar. The voice in my head, keeps telling me that I will do fine, the friends I have talked to have said that there is no doubt that I will do great, but why am I doubting myself? Why is there that nagging feeling that I should stop and go back?
I know that what I have in store for me for the next 6 months will not be easy, that I will have a hard time going from "top dog" to the runt of the litter!
Oh well off to get my "first day of school.... oh I mean first day of work outfit" ready!