Thursday, February 26, 2009

My heart just broke...

Since I have been little I have had hard times with being the odd man out. So today when my little girl came home from school crying I had a pretty good idea what had happened on the bus. Yep the day that I dreaded was upon me.... she was told that her "best friend" did not want to be friends with her anymore. I know exactly what she was going through and it brought me back about 30 years to when I was in grade school, and when I was told to "move over" so my new friend can sit by me or stop standing there we are not friends anymore.

I could see the pain in every one of her tears and through her hiccuped words. I just held her tight and tried to make her understand that she was a great person, but you know as well as I do that those words do not help much.

Through the hiccups and sobs she told me that A.S. told her that she did not want to be friends with her anymore and that she should move over so B. was going to sit next to her. She also sobbed out that she was not going to get necklaces with her friends. I am assuming that she meant the little metal ones that say best on one side and friends on the other.

Let me tell you that this is one of things that I have dreaded most. With 2 girls I knew that it would happen sooner than later but either way nothing can prepare you for that date when they come to you crying. The other times will not be any easier but this was the first time that I knew exactly what she was going through

Nic is such a sweet and loving person, she takes everything to heart. She lives to be liked, by that I mean that she truly wears her heart on her sleeve.

I wanted to be "that" mom, who called the girls mom's and asked them what was wrong with them and why they could not teach their daughters not to BI's but then again what good would that do for her? What would they say to her in the am? They ride her bus and they could easily make her little life hard. Issues!

Why are girls so mean? I should not say all girls but why is it necessary for some of them to be rude and nasty? Oh well what can we do?

I guess I just need to take a step back and know that these issues are what are going to make her a better and stronger person in the long run. Either way she will be a wonderful person, no matter who is her friend.

I know that the person Bob and I have been raising her to be is a strong and loving person, no matter who her friends are.

Lessons learned will only make her stronger.

Thankfully her kid sis was there to make her laugh and distract her, now she is running around the house and having fun. I am sure tomorrow will hold more drama but that will be another day.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Joys of the little things

As I sit holding my 4 month old great niece I look over to the futon to see you eldest chomping on her prized piece of gum, eyes closed and snuggled up to daddy. The youngest on the other side, pouting but smug that she is daddy's other princess. What can I say, these times remind me of why I am a mommy....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The joy of laughter.

As the sound of deep belly laughter fills the room, I think back to a time when there was none.

It seems like only yesterday when I told the hubby that we were expecting our first little one. After much joy and heartache we were on our way to parenthood.

We had a great time being pregnant. I really loved it. Big Mac's and all!

Then when our little girl was 3 months old, I announced again that we were expecting again.... Yes only 3 months old we were again looking forward to adding to our family.

Now today I sit watching the 2 joys of my life "dorking" around the room. Laughing at both themselves and their daddy, and pretending to be "posting" on their Barbie putter putter.

I can not remember what we did before we had them.... Now to get them to bed.

Time to Boast!

Today is a great day for the Sweet Mom! I was reading the paper today to find out that the Big Bro's Bakery was nominated for Bakery of the Year!

It was great to hear since owning the bakery has been his dream for the past 20+ years. He and his family has poured all they have into it, and I am proud that he is getting some recognition from it.

Not to mention that he is one of my favorite bro's and would do just about anything for him!

Way to Go Greg & Jan !


Monday, February 16, 2009


Just got the phone call from my Mom, she is going to stay at her home by herself!!!!

For the past 2 months she has been living with my sister since she fell down stairs right before Christmas.

Words can not tell you all how wonderful it is that she is home. Today she cleaned her windows and other things that she did on a daily basis!


Sorry, I just needed to tell the blog world how ecstatic that I am, I could do the happy dance!!!!

Life with 2 girls

Artist in training
I think I look Skinny in this picture

Need I say more?

This is why I love him!

100 day project done with love for Nic with help from the whole fam damily

Here is what we did this past weekend. On top of visiting Grandma and enjoying time with friends.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ever just want your Mom?

Ok so I have started this post about 15 times, not sure why I am having issues with it, but I think it has to do with the fact that I do not want to come off as a Whiner. But here goes!

So to give you some background on the post, my 81 year old mom fell down a flight of stairs a week before Christmas, not telling any of us 10 kids until 9am on Christmas Day. The day that we celebrate Christmas. With that being said she was taken into the ER by my eldest sis. Well long story short she has spent the AM in the ER then the rest of the day in her bed, while the whole fam (all 50 of us) went to have dinner and open presents.

So Christmas this year sucked, with being the youngest of 10 kids and when your have lost one parent already and your mom is 47 years older than you are you have a tendency to over react. On top of the being a female does not help either. I guess I have come to some conclusions on what I need from my mom, I NEED HER!!!!

Although I am a 34 year mom of 2 great kids (although one is whining about her ear hurting her) with a wonderful husband, I admit that I still need my MOMMY. She has been there for me for everything, from helping me get through some ackward years in HS to kicking me in the arse when i was in college to most recently being the sole babysitter for my 2 daughters. I will admit that I need her, if only for the simple reason I can call her and hear her voice.

I will also admit that I can not start a big meal without calling her to make sure that I making something right. She really is an amazing person. She is the rock on which our family has stood for more than 50 years! She is warm yet you never want to get "the look", she can make a mean sandwhich but does it with love and you better believe that there is candy for not only the grand kids but the big kids too.

I am just wondering if I am really lucky or is there anyone out there that feels the same way?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine drama!

Thanks for the vote of confidence from Mommy Always wins significant other! I know the master has taught me well!

Well the cookies are cooling and the kitchen no longer looks like a war zone. I do need to recommend the local grocery store brand cookie dough, it has worked out quite well.

So, since the cookies are done now we need to fight over the Valentine cards that we bought. I thought that I would be the responsible mom and get the fruit snack ones. BIG mistake how do they expect anyone to write names on those things! Insane! I mean there is no way that I could even fit names on those things. Well good thing that I had some left from last year.... BUT most of them were girly ones, and heaven forbid you (or your daughter) gives out Girl ones to the boys. I am NOT going to go to the store and buy more just so the boys do not fell offended by getting in touch with the feminine side. Who really cares?

I guess a 5 year old Kindergartner does... Oh well those are done now. I won thanks to some Littlest Pet shop ones. Thank God there were only 10 boys in her class.

Now onto the cookies, I think I will let her frost them and when she is asleep I will add the names. The great conversation hearts that were bought to put on them are now in Daddy and Em's tummy, much to the chagrin of myself. Again not another stop at the store for more. All to have them done tonight since Disney on Ice is tomorrow night. Thank God they do not know about that yet, wait until it is time to go to bed tonight, it is good leverage to have.

That is another post all together!

Domestic Diva I am NOT!

Ok so I am not a domestic diva! I admit it, I can make a mean sandwich, or pot of chili but when it come to baking I leave that to others!

Here goes the story! I decided that I would really cool and make heart shaped sugar cookies for Nicki's class, she could decorate them and I would put the kids names on them.... Well I should have just ordered them for the family bakery.

Three hours later and a HUGE mess, I mean huge mess I have 3 dozen cookies that could look like hearts but not too sure about that! Not to mention that they are all different thickness.

All I think about when I was rolling out the dough was when I was a kid and my mom was making the sugar cookies for Christmas and his comments about how thick his mom had made them. No wonder Mom stopped making sugar cookies once the bro opened the bakery.

Any way there goes the timer for one of the batches... more to follow!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So here it is! I thought since my great friend Mommyalwayswins could do it, so could I! So here is my first post!