Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine drama!

Thanks for the vote of confidence from Mommy Always wins significant other! I know the master has taught me well!

Well the cookies are cooling and the kitchen no longer looks like a war zone. I do need to recommend the local grocery store brand cookie dough, it has worked out quite well.

So, since the cookies are done now we need to fight over the Valentine cards that we bought. I thought that I would be the responsible mom and get the fruit snack ones. BIG mistake how do they expect anyone to write names on those things! Insane! I mean there is no way that I could even fit names on those things. Well good thing that I had some left from last year.... BUT most of them were girly ones, and heaven forbid you (or your daughter) gives out Girl ones to the boys. I am NOT going to go to the store and buy more just so the boys do not fell offended by getting in touch with the feminine side. Who really cares?

I guess a 5 year old Kindergartner does... Oh well those are done now. I won thanks to some Littlest Pet shop ones. Thank God there were only 10 boys in her class.

Now onto the cookies, I think I will let her frost them and when she is asleep I will add the names. The great conversation hearts that were bought to put on them are now in Daddy and Em's tummy, much to the chagrin of myself. Again not another stop at the store for more. All to have them done tonight since Disney on Ice is tomorrow night. Thank God they do not know about that yet, wait until it is time to go to bed tonight, it is good leverage to have.

That is another post all together!


  1. Dude, screw the stupid candies. These are for five year old kids - they'll still eat 'em without the candy (I mean, how much sugar do they really need?) and it will save you a trip to the store! If you've got powdered sugar, mix it with a little water and red food coloring and a teensie bit of vanilla and you can frost 'em quick & easy!

    See you Friday!!!

  2. Yum, cookies. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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