Thursday, February 19, 2009

The joy of laughter.

As the sound of deep belly laughter fills the room, I think back to a time when there was none.

It seems like only yesterday when I told the hubby that we were expecting our first little one. After much joy and heartache we were on our way to parenthood.

We had a great time being pregnant. I really loved it. Big Mac's and all!

Then when our little girl was 3 months old, I announced again that we were expecting again.... Yes only 3 months old we were again looking forward to adding to our family.

Now today I sit watching the 2 joys of my life "dorking" around the room. Laughing at both themselves and their daddy, and pretending to be "posting" on their Barbie putter putter.

I can not remember what we did before we had them.... Now to get them to bed.

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