Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spreading their little wings

This past week has been fun and a challenge. You see I am sending my little girl to school this coming Tuesday. Last year the older one went and I was OK with that, letting them spreed their wings and fly, right? Well I am having a harder time with this one! Not sure if it is because time has flown over the past 5 years, if it has to do with the fact that I will be 35 in October or if it just means that a new stage has started for our family.
I don't remember what it was like to not have those two smiling faces in the house, nor do I remember what I did with all my time. What I do know is that now that both of them are going to be in school all day EVERY day, there will be a large change in the house. Even though I work outside of the house, I know that coming home from work to get them off the bus will be a treat, to hear what they learned in school will be exciting (even though there will be a lot of "nothing" or "I don't know" as answers).
The hubby & I will have more "us" time when those occasional days off together arrive, which will be nice. We will be able to get more done around house, yeah right! But it will be fun.
I know that Tuesday will be a long day at work once we get them on the bus, but it will be good.
Time for big sister to be there when mom and dad are not! Nicki will be great, she already is, she "shares" her friends.
Em has a few advantages that some of the others don't, she has the same teacher that Nicki had last year (a blessing since we know the teacher too) she knows 4 girls in Nicki's class so she will be OK on the play ground and lastly is that she is very independent. She will be fine, so why am I so concerned? Not sure, oh yeah she is my baby!
Here is to a great year for all my Mommy friends out there!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

As I think about what to write about this week, I look upon the three most important people in my lives. They all look to me to make sure that the house is taken care of, that the daily routine is not too much out of whack, that the clothes that they are wearing are clean (partially at least) that the bills are paid (mostly on time) and that food that they eat is warm when it needs to be or cold when it supposed to be. But then I look at them and try to figure out what I am supposed to really be.

Sitting in the room listening to "tunes" I did when I was "young" makes the think what I have NOT become. I have not become the English teacher that I started go to school to be, I am not the Paralegal that I also started to go to school for. I am not the girl who traveled the world then settled in some far off city. I am not the girl who went away to school and found love far from home. I am not the girl who became a famous singer, the girl who was a back up singer for Madonna, I am not the girl who is a size 2 or 6 feet tall.

Instead I have become the girl who fell in love with a great guy, close to home, traveled here and there, works for a great company working with numbers not letters (still basics right?) Bought a house close to "home" Became a mommy of 2 great girls and I can sing great at church with the best of them. Still working on the size 2 might be more like a 10 when I am done with it, but oh well. And can come really close to 6 feet with 4 inch heals!

When the day is done there is no one I would rather be, NOT ME.... I mean I love me!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly Winners August 8th to 15th

Rockin New Shoes

Mary Kay Champions Night!

Comfort Food!

Before and After~ Dream Dresses
A wonderful week, very jam packed but tons of fun! For more great Weekly Winners Check out !