Wednesday, February 2, 2011

She Drives Me Crazy!!!!

A long time ago I met a person who would become a very important part of my life! He would become my life line, my best friend, and the reason I wake up everyday.

Then I met another person, one that would be so beautiful that I would wonder how I created her, how I was part of making her who she is. A person who would someday drive me crazy, so crazy that I wonder how I could have created her.

These two people are so much alike it is scary, the way the learn, the way they think and the was they are, are what makes me wonder. You see, it never dawned on me that the day I said my daughter was more and more like her father would soon become a reality. You see, we have thought about it more and more but I really think the this precious little blue eyed blond has a learning issue. Not one that makes life too difficult but one what effects all aspects of the way she learns, the way she makes heads or tails of everything! I really think she is dyslexic. Something that her daddy and her hold in common. One that I really think in the next few weeks will become our reality.

What scares me most of this, is that I don't really have the patience for it, or with the life changes we have inflected upon our selves this past 3 months, I CAN deal with it. I know either way it is not a option to DEAL with it, it will become a reality and I will have no option!

She really is a great kid, one that would hand you the shirt off her back, but one that comes up with some major duzzies for "fibs" about homework so she does not have to do it.

So this is the reality of my life soon to be, not sure what it will become, but I am not sure what it will end up with!