Friday, October 2, 2009

Living the Dream

Sorry for the time away, life has been what some would call CRAZY! lately! But that is no excuse.

Living the Dream or living the life that we want to live some times comes with Road Blocks. The life that we see as the end all be all sometimes ends up being the life that never comes true, that stays the Oedipus that we never quite achieve. But then there is the life that we deal with every day, the life that we can either accept or deny, it is our choice.

Life's dream and nightmares come and go, but it is what you do with them that makes the difference. I am not one to go with the old saying of lemons and lemonade, I would much rather take the lemons and stuff them some where the sun does not shine when they are hurled at me. I know that I am only handed what I can handle but at the same time could that certain someone PLEASE pick someone else to hand that crap too? I mean really there really is only so much one person or family can handle.

I know that there are much worse situations out there and that I should be grateful for all that I have, but would it such a bad thing to just have one year of what we want? What we deserve? What we need?

The kids are healthy and we have good jobs, we have a nice house and two cars that run that are paid off, and for the most part we are ok with everything else! But it would be nice to have a little nicer house, brand new cars and get paid more from work, but whatever!

The only way to change that is by doing what we can, live the dream every day, take care of ourselves and have fun, so that is what we are going to do. Fortify the base and have fun doing it! So watch out here we come!