Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet Nothings! Happy 12 year Anniversary of getting engaged

In the past week, many memories have come to the forefront with my niece getting engaged. I wanted to share with you a letter I wrote the hubs to show how far we have come!

As time goes by there are certain memories that strike the cords of our hearts. They are the ones that year to year never fade, never diminish, and never go away. The times that will hold dear in your heart until the light fades.

The day that you walked into my life will always hold strong. Standing “tall” on one side of the “fence” while you slouched your way into my heart! Leaping from side to side, to show that you might be able to “accept” me, then being the knight in shining Umbros that saved the day, again and again!

The day that you asked me to be with you for life, chaos like usual all around us! You knew the times would be hard, not as hard as they actual were but you knew they would be there. You stood next to me when times were not so easy or pretty but you never faltered. When you did, you came back for another round, never giving up.
The day we said “I do” was just another step together into the great unknown. An unknown that we were meant to walk together.
Losing those who meant so much, gaining the two that mean more than anything in the world, always by my side, holding my hand no matter what! No matter the pain for either of us, at the end it was more than we could imagine, so much that it has long since been forgotten.

Each day is a new journey, ours to capture, ours to enjoy, ours to concur.
Each conquest is better than the last, each journey we travel together.

Thank you for being my best friend, my partner, my co-conspirator, my love!