Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ever just want your Mom?

Ok so I have started this post about 15 times, not sure why I am having issues with it, but I think it has to do with the fact that I do not want to come off as a Whiner. But here goes!

So to give you some background on the post, my 81 year old mom fell down a flight of stairs a week before Christmas, not telling any of us 10 kids until 9am on Christmas Day. The day that we celebrate Christmas. With that being said she was taken into the ER by my eldest sis. Well long story short she has spent the AM in the ER then the rest of the day in her bed, while the whole fam (all 50 of us) went to have dinner and open presents.

So Christmas this year sucked, with being the youngest of 10 kids and when your have lost one parent already and your mom is 47 years older than you are you have a tendency to over react. On top of the being a female does not help either. I guess I have come to some conclusions on what I need from my mom, I NEED HER!!!!

Although I am a 34 year mom of 2 great kids (although one is whining about her ear hurting her) with a wonderful husband, I admit that I still need my MOMMY. She has been there for me for everything, from helping me get through some ackward years in HS to kicking me in the arse when i was in college to most recently being the sole babysitter for my 2 daughters. I will admit that I need her, if only for the simple reason I can call her and hear her voice.

I will also admit that I can not start a big meal without calling her to make sure that I making something right. She really is an amazing person. She is the rock on which our family has stood for more than 50 years! She is warm yet you never want to get "the look", she can make a mean sandwhich but does it with love and you better believe that there is candy for not only the grand kids but the big kids too.

I am just wondering if I am really lucky or is there anyone out there that feels the same way?

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  1. I envy the fact you are so close (geographically) to your family... I almost have to put up walls to make the distance hurt less sometimes. *heavy sigh* I hear you, lady....loud and clear.


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