Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time flys



Today was not like any other day, it was a day that I realized that my girls were growing up. As a mom you have little epiphanies now and again but they usually are not full blown to the point that it makes you stop in your tracks. But that was today, it was the realization that in less than 6 months both of my girls were going to be in school. That in less than 6 months when Mr. Wonderful and I had off during the week together there would not be a child to tend to, no one saying "Mommy" "Daddy" I want this or I need that or better yet no crying for us to decipher. Just us! Six years after the birth of our first child we will just be "us". I think that the next time I will encounter these feelings will be when they move out for "good". (By the way, does anyone really move out of their parents house?)

Today was a day that I saw the future, I saw two girls running from the bus trying to beat each other to the door, I saw two middle school girls fighting over the computer(when I was in school it was the phone), I saw two teenagers fighting over the same boys and friends and finally I saw two women, best of friends standing next to each other as they started their own lives, each their own ways but knowing that always they would be there for each other.

Time flys, and now I know that there will more of these moments as they grow but some how they might get easier!

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