Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life on the Run

So as I sit at my desk catching up on other's lives over the past few days, I realize how much I have going on. Not to mention how much I have missed these past weeks.

I know that life is important and that there is tons going on, but I think it is about time to "stop and smell the roses."

Today I was talking (emailing) my good friend Mommy Always Wins( about how life is going for her. They have had a roller coaster life including cork screw after cork screw, loopdie loop and dip after dip for the past 2+ years, hard to imagine that they can even walk straight let alone know when and who goes where. Anyway I digress! We were talking about how life goes by way to fast, that she has yet to figure out what school her 4 year old is going to go to in the fall and the fact that my kids have nothing ready for 1st grade and kindergarten. (Sniff, Sniff, my baby is going to start school).

So after "talking" I went to my boss (who really is a great friend) and told her that I was taking a week off, before the kids went to school. Cross eyed and frustrated she signed my PTO request... Why did I feel guilty? Why should I not take time off to be with my kids? Why should I not be able to take time for me?

There are certain things in life I truly believe are more important than the daily grind. My Sanity, My Family and My Choice.

I have come to the conclusion that work is work and at some time is either makes us or breaks us. I really would prefer to make it Make Me rather than Break me!

Life is too short to just realize that my little girls are almost as tall as me, I know I am short thus the 4 inch heals, but really this morning I sat on my bed looking at my babies and realized they were not babies anymore. Daily I watch them grow taller and bigger, they have become their own persons, with their own personalities, own likes and dislikes and each is becoming a great person, did I have a part in that?

Was I there enough to make sure that part of me is in them?

What did I miss?

What will I miss?

What can I not afford to miss?

Honestly I really don't want to stand by and wait to see, so stay tuned to the future of 2 Sweet Girls Mom...

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  1. Oh hon...I love you!!!

    I can think of nothing I'd rather do than meet you at a Starbucks around Sheboygan (halfway!) and geek out with you all afternoon long.

    Instead (le sigh) I'm at my desk again!


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