Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me Monday July 20th

Not me today... Not me tomorrow... Not me the next day either.
I will admit that I did not wish that the whole house wake up this morning on its own, get dressed, let the puppy out (which I can proudly announce with knocking on wood that is litter trained) and make their own breakfast. I will also not admit that I wish the sitter was old enough to drive so I or the hubs did not have to pick her up. I will also admit that I did not heave a heavy sigh when hubs asked if there was anything in the house for a sore throat last night while I was settling into a good rant (not so much here or here more here~ what does that mean?) (Honey? What? No? I hate honey)
I also will not admit that the kids have been driving me crazy as of late, that their constant bickering is not driving me up the wall. School is just around the corner right!? Naps that is the ticket more naps!
I will also not admit truthfully that I secretly love all the Polka Days hub bub that goes on at this time of year. Polka Days is a whole other post and will be done sometime next week~ that is if my hands and mind still work! Put mildly it is 4 days of fun, food and special treats at the bro's bakery!
I will also not admit that I was relieved that there were only a few people show up to my jewelry party on Saturday since I was not into it and did not do my normal food and drink fair. I will admit that I am the queen of shows and usually do a great job on it, not this one!
I will also not admit that I know that the Mary Kay job will be great, that it will be the ticket to freedom, not admitting that I do truly love what I do in my real job but sometimes the vision of a pink Caddy it to much.
That is about all for Not Me today, maybe not me tomorrow and definitely not me the next day either but maybe Thursday! Good Luck!

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  1. Hey dear! Is your show still open? I meant to email and ask if there was an online catalog but sorta forgot...let me know!


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