Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Ties

As time goes by so families grow. Yesterday my "clan" celebrated one of my brother's 25th wedding anniversaries. Yes I have a brother who is that old! Ha, ha... but really it is the 4th sibling to reach that milestone.
As we glanced through their wedding album, explaining to one of the newest additions who people were it had occurred to me what a legacy my parents started over 50 years ago, with the birth of my eldest brother. I can only hope that this legacy continues to grow, I know that looking down from heaven my dad is quite proud of the broad that is our family. All 50 of us and counting combine to make one hell of a party. But I think the most special aspect of my family is that even though we may not agree with one another or "like" each other from time to time, when the chips are down you know you have someone to call or count on, someone who will have your back. And to me that is the most important of all! So from our "little" family who was only 11 people when my sister and her hubby celebrated their Silver anniversary to the 50 and counting today Thank you God for allowing me to be part of such a crazy, mixed up and loving family!

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