Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bug is 5

5:30am Friday June 4th, 2004. Hard to believe it was 5 years ago, today my baby is 5.

The day after my scheduled OB appointment started with a BANG. Not so much a bang more like a large cramp, it was odd. Even though it was my second pregnancy, the cramps I was accustomed to. You see the older one was delivered with the help of a drug, so the cramps caught me off guard. I woke hubbers up to see if he remembered from last year (girls are 11 months apart so we did not take Lamaze again) a very tired hubby (gaming late the night before) turned over and said "no honey I don't want steak for dinner" Not an unusual comment from him since I can carry on a full conversation with him when he is sleeping, usually getting him to agree with whatever I want. So getting up(more like rolling out of the bed literally) I waddled to the phone book to get the number for the doctors. Calling before 7 meant talking with a very cranky triage nurse who could not understand why I did not know if I was in labor or not! WHATEVER lady get off your butt and tell me what to do. I am tired (did not sleep) I am cramping and to tell you the truth scared crap less! So tell me am I in labor or not! "I will check with your doctor and someone will call you back."

Check with my doctor, what the hell, tell me what to do! So 30 minutes later, and really starting to freak out, they call back. "Start timing your "cramps" and see how far apart they are." Ok, boy you can tell when someone really loves their job!

6:15am, phone call to big sis. "Hey guess what, I think I am in labor! Yep can you come get Nicki? Yep I will call Mom." What that already happened, she was dressed and waiting for big Sis to pick her up! You know it, she was ready for the past 4 days.

"Honey, you need to get up and help me get Nicki up and going. Elaine and Mom are on their way, will probably make it in record time!"

"What? What happened, when did this happen, did your water break? What is going on?

"Sweetie, just get up out of bed."

So in Mom and Sis showed up in 20 minutes (usually takes 1o minutes to get from Sis's to Mom's and 15 more minutes to get from Mom's to our house). Gushing over me and telling hubs what to do. Kisses to the little one (not yet 1) off they were....

"Cramps" continued, check into the hospital, and no water broken.






1:30pm EMILY ANN is born...

Now we all know that there is more to this story, but I will spear all the other details.

That was 5 years ago today! My baby is 5, it seems just like yesterday.

Hard to believe that even though it is not written down (except here) that I am almost for certain that I will not forget it!

Happy Birthday little Bug!

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