Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Do the Naked Lady"

There are certain songs that are out there that one really does not know the words to, but being humans we insist on singing along with them. Aeorsmith's Dude Looks like a Lady is one that the hubby always got wrong! Instead it was Do the Naked Lady!

So what is that you find yourself singing to or should I say humming to when you realize that you are singing the wrong songs?
Be truthful!

I had a room mate in college that used to sing "Jason Waterfalls" for "Don't go chasin waterfalls"

I know that most of the songs that I sing are not the right words, but who cares, sing them loud and make fun of the person who actually cares as much to tell the right words!

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  1. "There's a bathroom on the right..."

    Gawd, there are too many to count! But I love it that Jay can make up naughty lyrics to any song! SO FUNNY if you're like a 14 yr old boy like me. :-)


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