Saturday, April 11, 2009

All in 1 day!

You could say that at times I may procrastinate.... Well maybe not too much, or maybe not as much as I would tend to think but today is the epitome of procrastination. It is 5:35pm and the eggs that I boiled this am are still not colored or decorated, the girls did not get their hair cut and they have nothing to wear to church in 2 hours! Oh, well right?! Dinner is on the stove and instead of finishing one of 5000 things I am writing a post! Be right back the water is boiling...

Ok, back! Pasta is in the pot with the sauce warming up. Thank God for Mom's who purposely make too much food.
So like I was saying today was the day of procrastination, we have a birthday party tomorrow along with Easter that I thought I had all the gifts for. Think again, we gave those away last month when the little guy came to visit,soooooo that means a trip to the store on a day that I would have rather stayed home and RELAXED. But what is that word? You are a mom, Carre so just live with it and get your butt in the car with 2 girls who just want you put up their jumpoline and leave them alone..... Have to stir the sauce and pasta, be right back.

Pasta is still hard and the sauce is on simmer. Dishes are ready to be done but why do them now when there will be more in about 15 minutes. The girls need clothes for tonight, actually not really clothes since they want to wear their Christmas dresses, they only need tights. That could be an issue! Ok so I digress.....

Why does that pasta pot sound so weird? Be right back!
Sorry I have to take a im from facebook, brb (be right back) Back! Oh my God, speaking of God I really need to get the butt going on these clothes for Church tonight (fb brb, seriously people leave me alone) Where was I. Oh, yeah Church!

Ok so the EB (Easter Bunny) is bringing the girls their dresses and tights but I think I am going to have to steal the tights for church tonight. It is going to be a long night I can tell it already. BRB actually it will be awhile dinner is ready!

Hey, I am back! SO dinner was interrupted by Chris (selling candy bars) so that threw us off even more than we first thought! Well with spaghetti sauce all over the table and the girls off they go to the shower for church, one down one to go, but NOOOO Nicki is outside on the tramp! (trampoline) Get in here! I am serious are you kidding where is your dad? Oh yeah he is on the tramp with you!

Just a mention of not going to church and hubbsters takes it as gospel! (pardon the pun) So he starts gaming! Girls dressed, hair done and I get a peek into the bathroom, Hubby wants to know if I was seriously thinking of going to church, the look he gets is are you seriously thinking you are not going?! At this point the sarcastic not caring person in me comes out and I say "I really do not care! It is up to you! Whatever!"

He truly was not planning on church! What a day! My God (seriously)! See you in about 3 hours.

Good evening everyone, church was amazing! The smells were wonderful, I love Easter lillies, the sounds were great, Easter music brings back great memories. The girls were wonderful, they sat up the whole time, Nicki sang with the choir (actually just hummed really loud) and both girls were able to hold candles during the service. Now that is is 10:30pm we are going to decorate the eggs. I know I am crazy!
Total of 18 eggs decorated and the girls are set off to bed. This should be a treat tomorrow, since it is now 11:30pm! Oh, boy what a great day tomorrow will be, rememories of Christmas Eve or should I say nightmares.....

Oh, well off to make EB look good! Complete with notes and hiding of the baskets.

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