Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun Day Saturday

So yesterday started like any other Saturday with a 4:45am alarm reminding me that the night before should have been a lot shorter than what I had planned. But then again Plasma was waiting....

After 3 strikes of items going wrong with plasma, I was worried what the rest of the day would entail. Well it actually went well. Hubby and I (with kids in tow) made our way to Sam's (with a budget). Well we went over by a little only because Hubby went in search of the perfect present for the lady of the house.... A Wii Fit! Yes, I am very happy that we have it and that we have been able to use it (another post). When we got home we decided to let the girls play outside, something that they have been bugging us to do so since February. The weather was in the fifty's yesterday so off they went. After about 20 minutes outside I realized they had no socks on, yest 50 degrees is nice but not enough for no socks, so in they came gripping all the way (like mother like daughters). Fresh air is good for them right? No matter how much mud and dirt they track in the house, right? Oh well, right?

While playing outside for most of the day they were dirty, tired and stinky but they were not going down (for a nap) without a fight or a bath for that matter. (Yes they still nap at 5 &4 something that mommy insists on, on the weekends) They were not going down before they played on the Wii, after setting up their profiles they hula hooped, skied and dodged soccer balls for about 30 minutes. They were TIRED, but you could not tell them that! So we compromised, got lay down and you can watch your movie. 10 minutes into it they were out.

So since the theme of outdoors was strong among us all, the thought of camping came to mind! Yes, camping in the living room... you bet the best kind, it is warm, the bathroom is right there and no need for bug spray! So the night was great, the tent was set up, including the air mattress and "fake" out door sounds.

The kids had a blast, and since it was an early night they were up at the crack of dawn.... Oh well we had fun! Thank God it is Sunday and there is nothing to do, time to catch up on doing more nothing, you have to enjoy these kinds of weekends!

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