Friday, April 3, 2009

Like Father like Daughter

The joy on hubby's face tonight is close to the look on his face when Emmer's was born. I kid you not the look on his face was one of purest enjoyment.

Emmi has become a gamer... I hate to admit it but she is a great little gamer but at 4 1/2 should she be able to manipulate a game? Should I say that she should not be gaming? Should I be as proud as her dad? Well there will probably be worse things in life that we will not agree on, right?

Well here are some pictures of what the little one has been up to.... She is so proud that she has accomplished level 6 that I had to take pictures. And you can't tell me that Dad is not proud!

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  1. What game has she been playing?

    Nick has this Ravman game that is totally ridiculous I've been thinking we need to play the next time we get together. Their "selling point" is: "Its a game you can't play with your butt."

    Um, yeah...


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