Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hubby Drama & My Rants

I truly believe that men have commas. Not periods but commas. And I believe that it is my hubby's time of the month. He has been up and down all week, not to mention that he does not feel well so that adds to the drama.

Let me tell you, when he is one of these moods you do not know who you are going to bed with at night. He works in the financial industry so he is super nervous, but not really nervous more anxious about our financial future. He wants to make sure that there is x amount of $ in the bank "just in case"....
That can be a treat considering life still needs to go on, there are groceries to get and bills to pay. "Pay yourself first" Yeah right when there are several others sitting you right in the face. Oh well we all have those issues, right?

The other day he had a great idea that we are going to pay off 2 of our largest 3 bills by the end of the year. Great I thought but how are we going to do that with having to put on a new roof this summer and still be able to put food on the table. Well we should be able to pay them off but live tight for a while.
I have a problem telling him what I think when it comes to how we spend our money. When it is his idea it is the greatest, but if I think of something he kind of hims and has about it then usually does not go any where.
Last night is a good example, he did not eat lunch so we decided that we would use our "precious" Red Lobster gift certificates that we got from Christmas (yes I too am amazed that they are still not used) for dinner. Well we did not leave the house until almost 6 since he had to play some video game and when we got there the wait was 2 hours long. Well he did not want to wait 2 hours so he said to go to Olive Garden, another 2 hour wait there. No kidding I swear that every person in the surrounding area thought it was a great idea to go out to dinner last night. We finally landed at Hu Hot, a 30 minute wait was fine (mind you we wasted 30 minutes driving around town). Well our "precious" were not good there so we had to pay for dinner. Well I could have made dinner for less! But since it was his idea it was a great idea. I must confess if he said lets just go home after OG then I would have been pissy since I really did not want to make dinner, furthermore I was not really hungry!

Long rant short, I guess I am confused by men! Or at least my man!

Now the up of the week was that he got a raise, I am reluctant to say this since most people out there are either getting laid off or they are having pay freezes, but I am really proud of his hard work. Speaking of work, he had issues all week with the people he works with. They are mostly women and I don't think his years at CC have prepared him for the "BI-ness" of women! Oh well welcome to the crowd!


  1. Dude I'm so using that on Jay!!!

    "Hon, are you having your comma?!?"

    I'm sure you could picture his face when I say that!!!


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