Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life's Purges

There are times in life where purges happen, whether accidental or on purpose but they happen. You look at your life and decide that there is either something missing or something not right, you take a step back and see it from another view point.

Times change and so do people, you realize that you are not just one of the crowd but rather one that has formed it, no matter if you thought you were insignificant.
Chapters close and new ones open, friendships end and new ones form. You look at who you are and realize the the people who you thought were your friends really were only acquaintances. And those that you thought were only acquaintances are your friends. The subjects that once formed the conversations are gone and there is little to talk about. You see those that once seemed so important fall into the shadows, and those that were in the shadows emerge to see that all the time they were the backbone or the cornerstone.

Purging of your life is like purging the closet of clothes that are out of style. You see that the "clothes" that fit so fine for so long no longer seem to hold their shape, they sag where they should be form fitted and droop where they should be firm. It is when this is realized that you find yourself really looking at what you want both out of life and out of friendships.

The casual friend is fine to call when you have nothing better to do, but the ones that you know you can call when life sucks are the ones that you truly cherish. The friend that you call maybe once a week or if life is crazy you call once a month, but know that they will not be judgemental when you call is the one that you know you will have when you are 90 and sitting with no teeth and having to yell to talk. These are the ones that you do not purge but merge with the memories of life and how great it is to have someone (or more than one) in your life. They are the ones that you have so many personal jokes that you can talk for 15 minutes without anyone around knowing what you are talking about. Where the simple mention of hairy boobies would make you laugh or where is the Fonz, makes you think of great times.

Purging of your life is necessary to keep your sanity, to keep yourself true to who you are. It is what makes you who you are. It allows you to see that there are greater purposes to what you do and how you touch those around you. When you step aside and let those around you lead you, you are unable to stop the flow of the stream, you get caught up in all the commotion that you lose yourself. Stop and purge, when you do this you will see that who you are is not always who you thought it would be.....


  1. What a great and thoughtful posting... it made me take a step back and "take stock". Steve and I were just talking about those in our lives that we should probably "purge" but I really try not to.... but to keep sanity, maybe it's best to do so. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Can you please send me your email address and full name and address for the Easter Basket Swap?- Beth (Manic Mother)


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