Saturday, March 28, 2009

So I think I shall write

So as I sit at the table with complete silence (with the exception of the clock ticking) I feel like I should write a post, but what to write about? Something funny? Something inspirational? Something totally outer limits? Not sure but I think I shall write.

So here is what is on my mind.... It is supposed to SNOW, yes I said snow AGAIN. Are we ever going to see a Spring in WI? I am not sure what the best part of winter might be but I believe it has outlived its welcome... GET OUT!!!!

I am not too excited about all the spring cleaning that is due to come my way but it has to be better than the gloom of the winter that we have had. "Spring has Sprung" not in WI, that is foooo shuooo.

Did you ever wonder why people do the things they do? I mean why would you cut a tree down in March while it is snowing? Then let you maybe 12 year old son play with burning the branches? I mean it is snowing and you are cutting a tree down!??? (the neighbor behind us, not too bright)

Ok so enough on that! I guess it is the lack of sleep and the over abundance of little girl giggles that occur ed today. Nic had a friend over, there were plenty of giggles but along with that came the tears, the "why does she not want to play with me?" and lack of naps. We also "camped" in the living room last night (great nights sleep on the mattress on the floor) so the girls were already tired (thus the quite in the house right now, they are "napping").

We had a fun time, they played and laughed, Grandma spoiled them with McD's for lunch and toys, candy and extra hugs. It made their day as well as hers.

The best part of the day was about an hour ago, after dropping off the friend and running to the store for art supplies for the girls I came home to the smell of MR. CLEAN! Yes the hubby took the slight comment made this morning (fully in jest) to heart and cleaned the top of the fridge and microwave AND did one of the worst jobs in the house, he cleaned the inside of the micro! YES a job that I put off to only 3 times, because I HATE it!!!! I mean I really, really, really, really, really, really hate it! Don't ask me what explodes in there to make it so, could be that it is a convection oven so all the yuck is backed on but there he was with the Mr Clean and a rag scrubbing it. I did have to finish the top of it since his poor hand was cramping but it was nice to have him take care of it.

Next I want him to clean the floors! Guess I may need to make a comment about that too!

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