Monday, March 30, 2009

Domestic Diva returns

So I thought I would try to be "super mom" again, this time by making muffins and cupcakes. Well let me tell you, this time was not much better than the first time. The muffins worked well, but I guess I am not meant to make frosting!

I did not have cupcake liners so the cupcakes were made with out them, first sign that I should have not attempted the cupcakes. That being said the girls continuous chorus of "I want cupcakes, PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE" so how could I say no?! Well I should have!

So once they were done baking and cooling it was time for home made frosting, no I could not take the easy way out and buy white frosting and add food coloring to it! I had to take the path less traveled and make it from scratch.... The picture on the cover of the magazine made it look easy enough right?! NOTTTTTTT!!!!! Oh well, so after trying to make frosting in both pink and purple, we attempted to pipe it onto cupcakes that did not rise and were crunchy on the out side. Good thing that my girls love sweets and will eat anything! There are only 4 left.

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  1. The pictures on the magazines always make it look so easy... and I fall for it everytime! :)

    And it is a good thing kids will eat anything! :)


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