Monday, March 2, 2009

Hubby the Wise- Hubby the Great

Sometimes the words that comes out of my hubsters mouth amazes me. When he is philosophical he is really good, and really makes you stop and think about where you are going and where you have been!

He truly holds the family in highest of pedestals. He has often told others that no matter what you do in life money can not stand in the way of being there when your kids are going to bed or when they have a school function. Taking them trick or treating or just being home when Mommy is having a melt down....

What are some of the things that your significant other has done for you to make you step back and think I am sure happy that I have them?

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  1. Oh Lordie, let me see!

    Just about everything that Jay done in the past oh, six or seven years has been to be a better man and father to his family. Really? Its pretty amazing that he loves ME. ;-)

    No wonder he & Bob are such good friends!


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