Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Preparing for another year

Well as the calendar pages get torn off, the days get closer and closer to that day of magic, the first day of school. Hard to believe that it is less than 30 days left of this summer vacation. Where has it gone? What have we done? How much will it going back to school cost?

The kids spent most of the summer in classes, of which I feel kind of guilty. I mean they spend 9 months in school and here I am, the mom that puts them in summer school. And only summer school but in classes that will help them in school next year, not even the fun and crafty ones! June 14th until July 23rd they went. Everyday, up by 7 and in class at 8, out of class at 12:30 and then home by 4. Very little time to play and "adventure"!
I guess I feel guilty because when I was little there was no summer school, no "homework" in the middle of June. Oh well it is to make them better later on right? Or was it just an easy way to get out of having them at a sitters? Granted there were fun classes for them to take, but all gone by the time I got around to getting them in them. Math and Reading are fun right?

Why do I feel the need to justify? Maybe because they have less than 30 days left and of which the hubs and I work most of it.
The plans for the summer, never took off. No trip to Great America or any other "fun" place!
So we now stand waiting patiently for the end of summer, getting in as much sun as we can just to make sure that the rest of the year is good! Oh well there is always next summer right?

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